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Wes + Brian Married

Posted in Weddings

We jumped for joy last year when Wes and Brian hired us to document their 2014 wedding, and then spent the entire year waiting for it to arrive. It was everything we expected and more! We started the day at The Hotel Monaco DC listening to pop songs while Latos learned to tie bow ties. After a few toasts the family piled into the bus and headed to The War Memorial for an intimate ceremony. It was one of those, perfect weather, cute kids, tears and laughter kind of ceremonies that we all dream about. After portraits we had a bit of down time to get milkshakes and then it was back to the Hotel Monaco for a lively reception with lots of fabulous friends. We need to give a shout out to Katie from The Plannery for being so awesome! The day ran super smooth and she was cool as a cucumber all day. Wes and Brian are the complete pair. They compliment each other perfectly, they supported one another through the day, their love for each other and their families is undeniable and we enjoyed every second with them.

event planner- Katie from The Plannery

ceremony location- The DC War Memorial

hotel/reception location- The Hotel Monaco DC

dj- Michael from MyDeejay

florist- Love Blooms

cake- Fluffy Thoughts

photobooth- SillyShotz

uplighting- I Want Ambiance

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  1. Your photos are stunning. What beautiful memories you will have to cherish forever.

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