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Vicki and Felix Married!

Posted in Weddings

Vicki and Felix tied the knot at Bretton Woods.  We met Vicki through our most fabulous friend Hala.  Vicki and Felix have known each other forever, it is one of those relationships where they just seem to fit together.  Vicki wore her gown and Felix his tux for the ceremony but then they changed into matching traditional African outfits. You can see Felix in his below. The toasts given were all great! Each speaker either had people crying or laughing at different points. All in all it was a good day to witness and document.

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  1. Truely amazing work. You managed to capture deep emotions subtly and subtle emotions deeply.
    I particularly like your choice of B&W and your skill of finding the right exposure for the harsh backlighting of the sun in several settings.
    I will gladly recommend you when anyone asks and would welcome you to use me for a reference.
    I’ve been working in the news and TV production field in Dc since 1985 and your images are inspiring.

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