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Tracy and Amit engaged

Posted in Engagements

Tracy and Amit both work over seas so all of our correspondence was over email until the day before their engagement session.  They were here for one whirlwind week of wedding planning.  Fortunately we got to steal the pair for a few hours and make pretty images on the Washington DC National Mall and learn all of the endearing differences that make them great together.  Even though they are complete opposites it is easy to see what bonds them.  Tracy, playful with her sparkley shoes, and Amit, playful in his actions toward Tracy, makes them a lot of fun to be around.  We started at the Washington Monument and walked to the Lincoln Memorial where we were asked for our permit by a park ranger.  Latos was very excited he asked, but disappointed he wasn’t insistent on actually seeing it.  This was the first job using our new 50mm 1.2 lens!  She also got distracted by a diving duck along the way.


  1. Jess rocks!

  2. Love them, can’t wait for their wedding!

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