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Tina + Matt Married

Posted in Weddings

So many great friends of ours getting married this year! And we are honored to photograph each and every one. Tina and I met in high school and quickly began swapping lunch snacks. Over the last couple of years I’ve been getting to know Matt and am so delighted at how well matched the pair are! Opposites and similarities in all the good ways. Tina isn’t exactly the touchy feely type and even though I knew her love for Matt was great, it was oozing out of every pore on their wedding day. The first look was one of the most emotional ones we’ve had yet, Matt’s reaction was priceless. Tina and her mom grew and cared for the herbs that decorated the tables, which turned out to be more taxing then anticipated, but they made it! And Matt’s mom painted the adorable cake toppers.

hotel- Hotel Rouge

wedding location- The Carnegie Institute for Science

day of coordinator- Michele from The Wedding Closer

hair+makeup- Jody Rusnak

officiant- Maureen Burke

caterer- Main Event

cake- Edibles Incredible

ceremony music- Cherry Blossom String Quartet

dj- Fela from Efkar Entertainment

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