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Tiffany and Eugene Engaged

Posted in Engagements

Upon meeting Tiffany, we instantly liked her and her mother, both beautiful, calm, strong women.  We were meeting her fiance for the first time at their engagement session.  I’m not sure what we were expecting, but we didn’t expect Eugene and I imagine Tiffany also didn’t expect Eugene.

Even better than Tiffany and Eugene meeting at a gas station is listening to the pair tell the story of how they met at a gas station.  And Latos and I were kicking ourselves for not recording it.  I can picture it now though… Eugene swaggering over to Tiffany to ask if she needed help putting air in her tires and asking her a million questions after she declines his help… are you married?  do you have kids?  can I have your number?  Tiffany politely answering that as a single woman she knows how to fill her tires with air, hoping he gets the hint.  Eugene lingering longer until he charms Tiffany’s number out of her.  I know a lot of you ladies have been in Tiffany’s position before, but I can guarantee you’ve never been charmed by Eugene.

Eugene never stops talking and we didn’t stop laughing until well after this session ended.  He is a man who knows what he wants and would have married Tiffany on their second date if she again, didn’t politely decline the offer, but she did accept a third date.  And of course eventually accepted his marriage proposal.

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