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Three and two on the way.

Posted in Families, Portraits

Meet B, he has not one, but two baby sisters on the way. He can spell their names and already wants to play with all their new toys. During the shoot we had fun with blocks and feeling the girls move around. I didn’t know this but thought it was super interesting, the twins always stay in the same place in the belly. Baby A is on the right and Baby B is always on the left… huh! As of right now the girls share a closet with daddy but he better watch out, it looks as though they are ready to take over and they are not even here yet. Elizabeth, you are beautiful and I can’t wait to meet and photograph the new little ones. I am very excited for you and your family!



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  1. Beautiful shoot!!! Having a beautiful family as subjects helps though 🙂 Love you Johnson family and can’t wait to meet the twinkies 🙂


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