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This Weekend Wedding Adventure

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I dont know where to start about this weekend. Maybe I should start with… we were really excited about our desitnaition wedding to the OBX. Notargiacomo went to photo school with the groom (who is an awesome photographer) and we were going to Buxton. Apple uglies, beach, beach and more beach. Well then Irene hit. You remember her, she flooded everyone, reeking havoc as she plowed her way up the east coast. Down on the OBX she created a few new inlets, taking the road out completely and changing our driving plans drastically. We (N, L and the Ill’s) rose at 4:30 am on Friday to start our journey. 6 hours, numerous bathroom breaks, and maybe a speeding ticket later, we arrived at the Swanquater, NC ferry. Our first ferry of our 4 ferry weekend. At this point I should add that it was not raining, beautiful skies in fact. 2.75 hours later we arrived on Ocracoke. 45 minute drive to ferry #2…. wait in line .5 hrs…. miss the first ferry… ugh… wait 1 more hour in line… now its raining… finally on ferry #2 for 1 hour… more rain. FINALLY 14 hours later we made it to Buxton.  Yes, it typically takes 6 hours to get to Buxton from Gaithersburg.

 The beach was really not to be our destination this trip. Even though it was just over the dunes…. it rained and rained and rained some more. We went out to dinner and found an arcade. Nils and I beat team Kefomo in fuseball. Phil beat N in air hockey. I beat Nils in air hockey. Phill kicked all of our asses in Dance Dance Revolution…. who knew? Nils brought his new ladder ball game to play on the beach but that was not an option so we set that up in the hotel room and played for a while. Team Kefomo came out victorious. Turns out Notargiacomo is a mean ladder ball player… who knew?
Finally to the wedding. It rained. We had a blast though. It stopped raining twice in half hour increments. First to take some photos on the pier, next to take some photos on the beach. It was awesome to see the love and support this group gave to the couple. Some 50 people took this 4 ferry trip just to wittiness this marriage.
The next day we embarked on our journey home with Nils at the wheel. 5 friendship bracelets were made, it stopped raining and an amazing sunset was witnessed. We got home at 1 am Tuesday morning.

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  1. Thank you for making the difficult trip!!

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