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The Pike Family

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If our good friend Bruce Pike were writing this blog post it would go something like this… “It was a warm, warm day in our nations capitol.  The sounds of bees buzzing, the birds were chirping…. and the sights of Dean Pike trying to hug the Jefferson Memorial statue….this is….The Pike Family.”  This is literary what he told me to write, and it is pretty accurate, although I might have used stronger words to describe the insane heat.

Bruce is an exceptional dj who has us laughing constantly, and you all know how much we love to laugh.  We were so excited to meet his family and fell in love with them in an instant.  Little Bruce is just that, a mini version of his dad, Dean has the most adorable face and never stops moving, and Shelby is as gorgeous, inside and out, as Bruce is always going on and on about.  Love this family!

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  1. Y’all are amazing me! It was sweltering, but you managed to make us look so fresh & clean! Love it!!

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