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the amazing wedding of tomorrow and beyond!

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Welcome to the Amazing Wedding of Tomorrow and Beyond!  Featuring Samantha and Lee, two of my favorite people in the universe.  I know my blog posts keep getting longer, but I have a good excuse with this one.  We love this pair.

Lee and Samantha actually grew up in the same town near Baltimore, went to the same school, and even had some of the same friends.  But it wasn’t until they found themselves both living in Philadelphia that their journey as a couple began.  Its hard to talk about the pair’s journey without bringing myself into the story because I was there to witness it.  We all even lived together in West Philly where Samantha and I bonded over great and awful television and mid-day trips for bubble tea.  It would be an understatement to say that I miss our family dinners of homemade mango salsa and coconut shrimp and every other amazing dish Lee came up with.  We were a condo of artists and I was around some of the most talented people I’ve ever known.

About two years ago we all left Philadelphia.  Lee and Samantha chose sunny San Diego where they have found much success and happiness!  On a lazy weekend day you can find the pair playing video games and playing with Ichi, their ridiculously adorable Sheba Inu.  The wedding was the perfect mix of everything they love and love to do.  And Latos took way too many awesome, awesome detail photos (I really had to restrain myself from including more on the blog).  Samantha, being a designer, designed her own dress.  Together they designed the most creative invitations we’ve ever seen.  And they wrote their own vows.  In 8 years of wedding photography it was the first time I teared up (damn you Lee!)  Paradise Gardens in Oceanside, CA with their beautiful outdoor rooms was the perfect backdrop and  Kiyoko from Cherry Blossom Floral Designs made all their visions a reality.

Lee and Samantha… we gazed in awe, were shocked and amazed, and had one of the best weekends of our careers.  We miss you, love you and hope you enjoy your images!


  1. i love it!

  2. Jessica’s!

    Wow, what incredible photos!!! It took me back to that happy day when my favorite niece of all married the amazing Lee! I want to order some photos from you guys, can you e-mail me w/the details?
    Love and great work!

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