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Sydney’s Bat Mitzvah

Posted in Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Lets start off this post by saying I hope everyone is having a  HAPPY THANKSGIVUKKAH!!

Sydney rocked her bat mitzvah at Temple Beth Ami a few weeks back. Her party was purple and Syd-tastic! One detail that I thought was super cute was for her candle lighting she replaced the candles with a huge puzzle. The puzzle started out with her as a baby and as she called up family and friends they helped her piece together a photo of who she is today.  Here are some of the other vendors that helped bring this party together:

Planner- Save the Date LLC

Caterer – Monroe Zeffert and Gold

Florist – Davinci Florist

Rentals – Talk of the Town

DJ- Washington Talent

Photobooth – Elite Entertainment



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  1. this looks like the most funnest greatest blast ever! Love the colors!

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