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Sonia and John are Married

Posted in Weddings

When we first met with Sonia and John we… WAIT A SEC! We did not meet with Sonia and John but Kirsten, Sonia’s fantastic maid of honor. She met with us, told us how awesome her friend and bride-to-be, Sonia, was, how awesome we were and that Sonia was hiring us, she really didn’t have a choice. We liked her instantly. Sonia and John’s wedding day was warm, intimate,  running a little late, windy, silly and all around a perfect day for them and their guests.



  1. Aww…cute little Sonia..she looks beautiful!! Can we get some pics for our page??

  2. Awww, she looks beautiful..

  3. Jess and Jess! Holy cow those shots look great! I made the right decision with you ladies! I love everything and you even made my arm fat look good! Muuuaahhh!

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