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  1. Be still my beating heart my first and forever true friend. I love you boundlessly. Fancy, delicious , beautiful you (both). Xx Kerry

    • Wow this is powerful and spectacular. Happy married to the bride and the groom. I wish you both good and what life has to offer.

  2. If two people ever deserve this happiness, it’s the two, now one of you!! So happy I had the honor of living across the street from you guys!

    A lifetime of happiness wish you I! (Yoda ism) 😉

  3. Beautiful pictures! I saw myself in the background of one, sorry to ruin the pic of Brian adjusting David’s bowtie. You guys look soooo happy, many years of happiness to you both! Love you!!!

  4. You guys are the most amazing couple. The pictures are gorgeous!! You can see the love you share and from the people around you. Thank you for inviting us to share your special day. Love you!!

  5. Brian~you two look so happy! Handsome as ever! I am so very happy for you! Your momma looks amazing! Love you !Xoxo your sister 😉

  6. These pictures are amazing! So much joy, love and beauty captured! Congratulations and best wishes!

  7. This was “THE” wedding of the DC season. I am so happy for you both !!!! The pictures are amazing !!!!!!

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