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Sammy’s Bar Mitzvah

Posted in Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Sammy, a budding performer, has become a Bar Mitzvah! We met the family at B’nai Israel earlier in the week where Sammy successfully directed his own photo shoot. Thank you Sammy for the great ideas! We then headed to the awards ceremony, I mean Sammy’s party, at the Bethesda North Marriott where Sammy’s vision came to life. It started with an epic red carpet entrance followed by a performance on the piano and then awards were given during the candle lighting. Major props to Brynne at Pop Color Events and MC Moses for running a great event!

synagogue- B’nai Israel

party location- Bethesda North Marriott

planner- Pop Color Events

dj- So Fresh Entertainment, MC Moses

step and repeat- Talk of the Town

balloons- Ballroom Balloons

pi_ss001 pi_ss002 pi_ss003 pi_ss004 pi_ss005 pi_ss006 pi_ss007 pi_ss008 pi_ss009 pi_ss010 pi_ss011 pi_ss012 pi_ss013 pi_ss014 pi_ss015 pi_ss016 pi_ss017 pi_ss018 pi_ss019 pi_ss020 pi_ss021 pi_ss022 pi_ss023 pi_ss024 pi_ss025 pi_ss026 pi_ss027 pi_ss028 pi_ss029 pi_ss030 pi_ss031 pi_ss032 pi_ss033 pi_ss034 pi_ss035 pi_ss036 pi_ss037 pi_ss038 pi_ss039 pi_ss040 pi_ss041 pi_ss042 pi_ss043 pi_ss044 pi_ss045 pi_ss046 pi_ss047 pi_ss048 pi_ss049 pi_ss050 pi_ss051 pi_ss052 pi_ss053 pi_ss054 pi_ss055 pi_ss056 pi_ss057 pi_ss058 pi_ss059 pi_ss060 pi_ss061

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