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Rachel and Steve Married

Posted in Weddings

Rachel and Steve were married at the Ceresville Mansion in Frederick, MD.  We love the Ceresville Mansion with their beautiful details and amazing staff who make running events look easy.  Not expecting 95 degree weather in May, Rachel planned an outdoor ceremony on the patio.  We learned something new about Rachel… while everyone else was wiping the sweat off their brows, the bride remained dry and gorgeous.  Latos and I had a blast photographing this Korean event and trying to figure out what was going on when.  The entire wedding was in Korean, but luckily we had the pair’s very detailed schedule in hand.  It is always such an honor when other photographers ask you to photograph their wedding and we were delighted to be there.



  1. Two Jess, You guys did it again!!
    what a breath taking photographs!
    I am speechless and thank you so much for everything~ ^^*
    I can’t wait to see ALL the photographs~!

  2. Great pictures!!! Um, the little boy with the peace sign – ROCKS!!

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