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Rachel and Steve Engaged

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I was having dinner at Hakuba Sushi, like we do every week, but this day there was a new waiter.  He had already been told that I was a photographer, the owners know us well, so as I was leaving he exclaimed that he had a good friend who was a photographer looking for work.  I gave him my card and told him to have her call us, this is not an usual occurrence.  Rachel called the very next day and boy are we glad she did.  She has been shooting for at least 5 years, has beautiful work and a great personality.  We are so excited for her to work with us this year.

We are also excited to announce her engagement to Steve.  They have been together for a decade!  We met at Burke Lake Park in VA for their engagement session and had a blast.  Afterwards they took us to a Korean BBQ restaurant.  Jess and I are now in love with Korean BBQ.

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  1. Wow~~ Speechless~!
    It is AWESOME~ Thank you Jess & Jess~
    I can’t wait to see other photographs and take wedding pics!

    So excited!:)

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