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Poppy + Jake Married

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As the story in our household goes, Poppy one day confided in my mom that there was this really cute boy that worked as a Walmart shopping cart collector and who happened to be in her high school pottery class. It wasn’t long after that the pair were attached at the hip. Close to eight years later I am so happy that Jake is officially part of the family! The last of the Latos Sisters is married off! Poppy and Jake’s beautiful wedding at the Parkway Marina at Smith Mountain Lake in Southern Virginia was quite the event! I have to give a major shout out to my mom, Suzie, and Jake’s mom, Catherine, for all the work they put into the wedding! Their decorating skills and attention to detail really made the wedding very special. Thank you to Jessica Notargiacomo for these beautiful photos!

wine toasting glasses: Paul Swartwood Glen Echo Glassworks
band- Chris Compton and Dan Bordeaux

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  1. Thank you Jes from the bottom of my heart, couldn’t have imagined any better photos

    than these. Love them and “Paired Images” your the best!

  2. Fanastic photos Jess! Such a beautiful perfect wedding with a great family.

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