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Phil and Jessica Married

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Phil and I were married July 12, 2012 in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park in California.  We had 21 witnesses, mostly immediate family and a few friends.  It was awesome.  We wanted a wedding that was intimate and meaningful to our 14 year journey, and this was the perfect reflection.

All of our friends and family participated in making this day happen and come together.  My mom donated her wedding dress and let my friend Samantha (an amazing designer) cut it up to make something new, Samantha is also responsible for finding those kickass boots.  Shaun (the first friend I made when I moved to Philadelphia and now a make-up artist in NYC) taught me how to do my face.  The ladies from P. Lawrence gave me that amazing fascinator.  My best friend, Zan, performed the ceremony and helped us write it.  Phil’s dad read from the bible, his mom sang a beautiful song and my mom read something she wrote for the occasion.  My sister-in-law, Robin, played the violin to start and end the ceremony and she choose the perfect pieces to play. And of course there are the very talented photographers… most of the photos below are by Douglas Bovitt, my friend and mentor, and of course Latos couldn’t help herself.  Those are just the big things!

We wrote our own vows and tied orange string around everyone’s wrists to symbolize our promise and commitment to each other and our community.  After that… photos with the trees and in the river, then off to Good Harvest Cafe in Crescent City, CA.  We then headed back to the hotel for more photos on the beach and to change for a camp fire.  We stayed in the Redwoods for a few days as everyone left for home, then drove through the north west for another week before heading back east.  I repeat… it was awesome.


  1. Oh Jess!! Stunning! So happy for you! Xoxoxoxoxo

  2. This is such a beautiful story of your marriage. How lovely will these photos be hanging in your home, a reminder of a real love story.

  3. beautiful, in every way. congratulations, you both look brilliantly happy!

  4. Stunning! Fabulous! Great wedding! Wedding Pics Favorites:
    #8 – Phil and Jess Kissing
    #9 – Jess and Phil both have a beautiful smile as they leave a building
    #16 – Phil looking down at the orange string
    #18 – Jess and Phil hugging each other
    #24 – Together – wading in the water
    #27 – Jess behind Phil with the rocks
    #28 – Glamorous Jess (against the rocks)

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