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my local celebrities

Posted in Families, Portraits

I met the Malouf’s shortly after moving back here 2 years ago.  They own Chloe’s Coffee, which we frequently almost daily, and a law office above the coffee shop.  I with my cup of tea and Latos with her latte, we could sit in Chloe’s all day.  It is really hard not to feel like you are part of the Malouf family when you are around them.  Suzy with her amazing cooking and Joe with his stories, both have infinite energy that is contagious.  Which of course, they passed on to their children, Chloe and Nick.  Chloe is turning 13 this Thursday and if you want cake I’m sure one will be there all day at the cafe in celebration.  Joe dropped the kids off at the studio and the three of us took an hour stroll through the Kentlands.  Love spending time with these guys!

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