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Melissa and Tony Married

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Two weeks before Melissa and Tony’s wedding, mother of the groom, Terri called our studio to inquire about a destination wedding package.  They were leaving for the Dominican Republic in two weeks and didn’t trust that the photographer included in their package at the resort was going to show up.  We immediately hit it off over the phone and two weeks later Latos woke up at 3:30 am to catch a flight.  I’m getting a little ahead of myself though, because as smoothly as these two weeks went there was a minor hiccup encountered the day before Jess was scheduled to leave.  All of the family participating in the wedding had safely made it to the resort, but one detail was over looked.

I was working on the computer when we received a call from Terri’s cousin, Staci.  Staci is from New England and was looking over and managing Terri’s house and business while she was away.  She informed me that the groom had forgotten his bride’s ring.  No problem, I would meet Staci that night at the house at 9pm and then Jess would get on a plane the next morning and save the day!  I pull up to the house that night to find fire trucks, police cars and utilities trucks blocking the street.  It was so windy the power line rubbed against the tree outside of Terri’s house one to many times, created a spark and set the tree on fire.  The power was out on the entire block and they weren’t letting Staci into the house.  She pleaded with them and told the story of the ring.  With a flash light and a police escort, they let her into the house.  Staci and I bonded and became the best of friends.  She made me promise I wouldn’t tell Terri about her house until after the wedding.

So Jess made it to the Dreams Resort in La Romana for the wedding and saved the day!  She immediately became part of the family.  The ceremony had to be pushed back due to the unreliable climate of the Dominican, but when Melissa walked across the sand the entire beach went quiet.  Jess described the ceremony as intimate and filled with positive energy.  The ceremony was followed by lunch on the beach under a giant grass umbrella where family gave words of encouragement and love.  Oh, and Jess took some amazing and beautiful images!





















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