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Makayla is 3

Posted in Families, Portraits

The first time I photographed Makayla she was 2 weeks old. We had her with a little pumpkin hat and 3 tiny little pumpkins around her. On her first birthday we photographed her twice, once at home…. she was not feeling it. Then once in the studio on a pink back ground… she LOVED it. On her second birthday chap stick was her thing. Now she is 3 and she is still that sassy, fun little girl. As always it took Makayla a little while to warm up but once she did she was telling us all where we needed to stand or sit for photos.

Giving mommy a hug

Happy sitting in mommy and daddy's laps

Makayla's baby when where every we did.

With daddy

mommy is base so she is holding on tight so daddy can't get her

2 most important things in this photo to Makayla: 1. daddy can't see 2. the moon

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