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Lindsay and Tom Engaged

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We have been waiting for our friends Lindsay and Tom to get engaged for awhile and when our mutual friend, Erin, spilled the beans to us earlier this year about Tom proposing during their trip to Saint Thomas, it was hard to contain our excitement.  But we did, that is until the photos and facebook messages came in after a trip to Magens Bay.  This is when Jess and I started planning their engagement session unbeknownst to them.  The pair wanted to head to Boordy Vineyards, which was perfect because we wanted to take them through Baltimore first.  Sorry Baltimore for the Redskins jerseys, but thanks for meeting us with humor about it.  Also, if you are looking for an amazing salon (Tom is responsible for both of our hair cuts), check out Chaos Salon!

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  1. This blog post is AMAZING

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