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Leslie and Alexander Married in St. Augustine

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For twelve years Alex and I talked about how we were never going to get married.  Well as you all know, that changed last year when Alex officiated my wedding.  And now here we are, both married to awesome individuals who are probably the only people on earth that could put up with us.  I’m not sure I could have chosen a better partner for my friend, my brother, then Leslie.  With a warm heart she is always taking care of everyone else, including being an amazing mother to eight year old sassy, sweet, polite, Gabby.

The pair knew they wanted a beach wedding and a great vacation.  So they headed from Kentucky to tie the knot in St. Augustine Florida.  They planned a sunset ceremony on the beach, but what they didn’t expect was the crazy weather!  This has been the season of thunderstorms and rain on the east coast and it didn’t make an exception on this day.  It poured until 7 pm but the rain lifted and the clouds parted just ever so slightly for that sunset ceremony.  And then the amazing staff at Holiday Isle Oceanfront Resort made it even more magical by staying late to surprise them with a reception.  We had our own private room next to another room with a Parrothead event complete with a DJ.  While we were waiting for our food the Parrotheads invited us into their event so Leslie and Alex could have their first dance.  Since the rain spoiled our photoshoot we went out the next morning for a day after session to make the most of the beach.


  1. Amazing, awesome, adorable photos of the happy couple and their special day! Thanks for sharing….

  2. Beautiful wedding : ) Loved your colors!

  3. Great Photography! You really captured your friends wedding!

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