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Lauren and Kerry Married

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Lauren and Kerry were married at the beautiful Comus Inn with Sugarloaf Mountain in the background on a perfect fall day. The bride was gorgeous, the wedding party was fun and the kids were adorable. What more can a photographer ask for? A few of our favorites things… Lauren’s ladies looked perfect in red, Blossom and Basket outdid themselves on the florals, the magnificent sunset, beer koozies, and a packed dance floor.

venue- The Comus Inn at Sugarloaf Mountain

hair- Amy Libby  from Salon Symmetry

makeup- Aaren King from MADE Makeup

dress- TLC Bridal Boutique

florist- Blossom & Basket Boutique

dj- Robert from Shew-sical Entertainment Services

videographer- Wayne from Video Express Productions

cake- Creative Cakes, Inc.

officiant- Brendan DeBow (friend)

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