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Lauren and Ken Married

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You know those rare, exceptional days when it rains from sunrise to sunset… Lauren and Ken got married on one of those days in the Poconos. Which could be a metaphor for their unique love and personalities. From the moment I saw this pair together I knew I had to photograph their wedding, never mind that they weren’t engaged yet, anyone could see it was kismet. Because of their adventurous spirits, they wanted to incorporate the outdoors into their wedding. Each table was named after a hike they had completed together, their stationary included the image of a tree, and guests took home a rock with a word or phrase that fit them. Other highlights included a cookie bar, the awesome band, and waterfalls! Thank you Erika for being my second photographer and Phil for holding my umbrella (best assistant ever). And thank you to Steve (my brother-in-law and a groomsman) for introducing me to these wonderful people.

venue/caterer/cake:  Stroudsmoor Country Inn

band/ceremony music-  Deena Miller Productions
invitations-  Reaves Engraving
rings-  K. Novinger
bridesmaids dresses-  Sara’s Boutique 22

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  1. Hello, I was the band at Lauren and Kens wedding. I just wanted to thank you for the link and tell you how pretty the photos are. I am working on my Blog and hope to be more POSTY and social media savvy in the future. I would love to return the favor with some photos on my website with your link. If you have any more of the band that you are proud of, please pass them along. I will share on FB and on my site. Hope to see you again soon !!! Thanks again Deena

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