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Meet Sherry and Sooky. They are responsible for bringing our community this awesome way to volunteer and serve as a family through KidServe. KidServe is one of the Kentlands Community Foundation’s newest programs. I had the pleasure to photograph the kick-off event where family’s came together to make lunches for the homeless women at the Rainbow Place. I had such a good time photographing the event! It was great to see all the kids and parents excited about helping the homeless.  The event started with the kids and parents sitting down at the tables together and discussing ways that they currently serve and brainstorming new ways that they can help. Everyone decorated lunch bags with drawings, stickers and words of encouragement as well as wrote a nice note to be included in the lunch. Then stuffed each bag with a drink, an apple, a tasty treat and a bag of chips. Sandwiches were made added later off site.  All and all it was a hit! In the end they made 145 lunches, donated 7 pairs of pj’s; 3 scarves; 3 pairs of fuzzy socks; 8 pairs of gloves, 8 hats, 1 pair of earmuffs and a target gift card to the Rainbow Place. The next event is on Sunday, March 18th at the Kentlands Club House and they will be making stationary and care packages for the troops. If you would like to participate here is the link. You can also fan KidServe on Facebook to keep up with what is coming up next and other tips for serving in the community as a family.







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