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Katie + Mike Married

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Katie and Mike’s beautiful wedding day was filled with family, love and tradition.  As the pair said “I do”, their sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews surrounded them, making the wedding party a family affair. The communion chalice, which is partially held together by grandmother’s wedding ring, has been used by the family for generations. Following the ceremony we headed to the National Harbor for beautiful scenery and epic portraits. Then to the Sunset Room to dance the night away! Thank you for letting me and my awesome second photographer, Agung, document your day!

venue –  The Sunset Room
florist –  Studio DBI
lighting – Atmosphere, Inc.
chair rental – Da Vinci’s Florist LLC
photo booth – Photo in a Box
hair and make-up – Jody Rusnak
bridesmaid dresses – Bill Levkoff
tuxes  – Vera Wang

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  1. The pictures are beautiful and really captured the love and fun of Katie’s wedding day. Great job! Can’t wait to all of the pictures.

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