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Katie and Dan Married

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It has taken me forever to blog this wedding! I don’t know why, actually I do know why. I kind of dread blogging. Notargiacomo usually writes and posts most of them and I tell how great they are. I promise to get better!  Any way…

Katie and Dan’s wedding took place at Strong Mansion on Sugarloaf Mountain. The little flower girls were decked out in puffy yellow tulle, a bull frog provided background music to the ceremony and Katie was beautiful.  At the reception Katie’s dad gave a great toast to the bride and groom to the tune of the book “The Night Before Christmas” with Red Lobster mixed in. As a guest you were also lucky if you escaped with out being iced, Dan’s father was one of those who didn’t and he took it like a champ.

in charge of holding the train

just after excepting his ice

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