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Kate and Chris Married

Posted in Weddings

Kate and Chris were married in the Italian Gardens of Felicita Resort in Harrisburg, PA.  (Yes, this is in Harrisburg, I didn’t travel to Europe.)  My friend and photo classmate, Erin, recommended me to the gorgeous pair.  This wedding happened on probably the hottest day in May, thankfully the ceremony was under a pavilion that protected us from the sun and later, rain.  I loved all of the details at this wedding, especially the cookie bar!  Thanks to Susan Moran from That’s It Wedding Concepts for planning and organizing a wonderful event!


  1. So amazing what you ladies capture! Love every picture and detail. Can’t wait for you to do another Martzluf wedding. Cheers to Chris and Kate!

  2. The pictures are wonderful. Everything is just as lovely as one would expect from a Cashdollar wedding. How I wish I could have been there to meet the groom. One good looking couple. Thank you for sharing.

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