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Jen, Willie, Copper and One on the Way

Posted in Families, Portraits

Way back in 2008 we photographed Jen and Willie’s wedding. Now here we are 2012 and eagerly awaiting the arrival of their little girl.  I went over to their house a couple of weeks ago and we walked around… slowly… made wiener jokes and took some beautiful images of this growing family. I am not sure Copper knows what he is getting into but he sure loves the camera and being the center of attention.

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  1. LOVE these photographs!!! We were so excited to have you share another special milestone with us, especially after having such fantastic photos for our wedding 🙂 Copper sure enjoyed the spotlight, and I’m impressed that you were able to catch the few moments Willie and I were not messing around and talking when we should have been posing haha. Thanks again and we look forward to the infant shoot!!!

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