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Jasmine and Nate get Married in St. Thomas

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Witnessing and photographing Jazzy and Nate’s wedding was really an awesome experience for me. I guess I can say I was around for their beginnings. Jazz was one of my roommates in college at RIT. We went to many a party at Nate’s house during that time and I am sure that at one point they probably made out on our saggy blue couch. Their wedding was held in the Elysian Beach Resort on the island of St. Thomas. Jazzy, my mom wants me to tell you that “the place where you got married was soooo beautiful! and you are soooo beautiful and Nate is really good looking!” I second that and I know a few other people that third it. The day was filled with adventure, family, friends, laughter, sunglasses and dance-offs. Notargiacomo picked out around 78 images from this wedding to put online. It was really hard for me to get it down even further for the blog but enjoy! If you want to see more hop on over to our Facebook Page.


  1. Jess & Jess I can not thank you enough. I am so lucky to have such a talented friend & fromer roommate. Those RIT days were fun Latos 😉 I am honored someone that has been there since day 1 of our relationship was able to capture our wedding day. Love you, hugs to you both. I am excited to see the other amazing photos!!!

  2. OMG… stunning… stunning… stunning….
    Congratulations to you both….

  3. You two are AMAZING!!!

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