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Harpreet and Dave’s Sikh Ceremony

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I first met Harpreet at a wedding I photographed 3 years ago, thanks Shamain and Truong.  Through our love of sarcasm we immediately hit it off and I was delighted to hear from her again about her own wedding.  And of course we were even more excited that it was to take place in Aruba.  I previously posted day one, the mendi celebration.  This is the first half of day two, the Sikh ceremony.  We all got up very early to start the process.  It is no small feat dressing an Indian bride, or groom, for that matter.  Dave embraced all of the traditions, including letting his sisters apply eye liner on him to ward off evil spirits.  Dave and his family marched around The Westin’s pool banging on blue recycling bins and shaking empty water bottles with coins in them to announce the beginning of the ceremony.  They had a lot of energy and it was amazing to be a part of.  The ceremony was perfectly long, visually interesting and with beautiful readings by Harpreet’s mom and music performed by Manmeet Singh.

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  1. Simply gorgeous!

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