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Harpreet and Dave- the day after

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This is the fourth and final blog post of Harpreet and Dave in Aruba.  Since the beach ceremony was during sunset and we were out of light very quickly, we all decided to have a day after session.  We all hopped into the car and navigated the streets to our destination.  They say it never rains in Aruba, but we experienced quite a down pour at the ruins that made the sky absolutely incredible.  When you hire a  wedding photographer for a destination wedding, you better like them, because you spend lots of time together.  This last session was a bitter sweet end to a great weekend spent with generous and fun families.  Aruba is one happy island!

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  1. Jess & Jess: I love these shots. Great work!

    I’m also a fan of lots of color and try to weasel as much of it as possible into all commercial printing images, especially when known that it’s printing on uncoated paper (where color really dies).


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