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Evie Charms

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Elena says that when she first saw me in History of Photography in our first quarter of art school in 2001, that she knew we were going to be friends.  Well she was right, we were inseparable during the next two years.  During finals our apartment was a mess of pizza, hot wings and photo mat scraps in varying sizes.  If we weren’t in the darkroom you could find us with our other favorite duo, Alex and Chris.

Even though she moved north to NYC (and has become an amazing digital re toucher) and I moved south to DC to start Paired Images we manage to keep in touch.  So when she started her side business a little over a year ago, naturally she needed photographs.  Elena does most of her own photography, but these wine charms and necklaces needed some studio lighting and a macro lens.

Check out her etsy store (especially those obsessed with Harry Potter)…

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