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Erin and Darick Engaged!

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Let me just start off by saying, Erin and Darick are, awesome!  Especially since Erin shares my sarcastic sense of humor.  They also endured 95 degree weather as we walked around Georgetown for hours to make these images.  Erin was referred to us by one of our favorite stylists, Barbara Kirby.  We then learned we had numerous other friends in common and had even photographed a friend’s wedding last year.  So it seemed that our working together was kismet.  Can’t believe we have to wait 399 days till the wedding.

This image makes it seem that Erin is the only one cheesing, but don’t be fooled.

flare and a latos ring shot on mushroom

They both have the most amazing eyes.

framing and shadows

Yes, Erin is attacking Darick in the alley.

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  1. Ladies, You did a fabulous job! You have such amazing talent. We are so excited to see the rest and cannot wait for the big day! ahhhh THANK YOU!

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