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Erika and Laura Married

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As I begin writing this post Queen’s ‘Your My Best Friend’ comes on the radio, gotta love when the timing is perfect.  Best friends and the love of your life only begin to describe this pair that has been through a decade of highs and lows together.  This wedding was a true testament of their love and patience and proves that they really do have the greatest friends and family.

Laura and Erika traveled from western PA for a very DC wedding.  All of you in the DC area know that this cherry blossom season was unpredictable.  Well, we experienced it up close and personal in ponchos.  The wedding was suppose to take place on the lawn of the Jefferson Memorial, but the rain, sleet and cold temperature had us heading for the comport of the indoors.  After taking Erika and Laura on the memorial with umbrellas for some photos all 15 of us headed to Universalist National Memorial Church for the ceremony where sweet words were said and family teared up.  The pair then had their first dance and their father/daughter dances.  Unfortunately, while we were taking formal photos of everyone, one of the guest’s car was broken into, front side window smashed.  Everyone jumped into action though.  All of the guys quickly started cleaning out the glass in the car and taping up the window, the ladies got on cell phones to see what body shop would fix the car asap, while Laura’s dad looked in every trash can in a three block radius to see if he could find anything the thieves disposed of.  On our ride home, Latos and I kept thinking about what a crazy day we  just had, but noticed we were thinking this with smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts because we had experienced it with such a great group of people.

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  1. These are amazing ladies!! Thank you so much for everything! 🙂

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