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Courtney and Matt Married

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Love this pair and following all their adventures together! Instead of following this time, we got to document their great wedding adventure. Courtney and Matt were married at Hollow Creek Golf Club in Frederick MD. We were told straight away that the reception would be unforgettable and they didn’t disappoint. But before that, we enjoyed portraits in a weeping willow tree (until a swarm of bugs took over), a ceremony where the bride’s brother walked her down the isle and Matt made everyone cry with his sweet vows, and last but not least, awesome photos with the animated wedding party. A few other things we were in love with… the sunglasses, the parents because they really deserve a shout out, all of the sweet dance moves I learned, and how these two are the perfect pair.

officiant- Robin Cissel
bridesmaid robes- LifeAStich
shoes- Badgley Mischka
rings- Cara Jewelers
jewelry (earrings/bracelet)- Nordstrom
bridesmaids dresses- Donna Morgan
bouquet charms- Now That’s Charming
wedding sign- Ginger Bread Romantic

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  1. To a beautiful couple. I pray that the light of love always remain & God continued blessings always be with you.
    I apologize for not being able to make it.
    God Bless,

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