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Colleen + John Married

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Colleen and I met 20 years ago walking to high school to start our freshman year. She made me feel welcome in a new town and I kept her sane through her many endeavors. So naturally I was thrilled to hear of her engagement and ready to keep her calm through wedding planning! It was also fun getting to know John through the wedding process and seeing what a good match they make. We started at Colleen’s childhood home on the day of the wedding and then went to St. Mary’s in Rockville, MD for a Catholic ceremony. Of course the tiniest member of the family stole the show a bit. After the ceremony and awesome portraits (thanks for braving the cold guys), The Oak Room was filled with energetic guests, cheering, laughter, touching speeches and of course, dancing. We even got to witness John come out of his shell, making his way around the room and on the dance floor!

Ceremony Location: St. Mary’s Catholic Church
Reception Venue: The Oak Room
Florist: Nancy Poole
Music (DJ): Unique Dreams
The Dress: Allure from Columbia Bridal Boutique
Bridesmaids Dresses: Allure from Columbia Bridal Boutique
Hair and Makeup: Jody Rusnak
Tuxes: Calvin Klein from Men’s Wearhouse

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  1. The pictures show what a beautiful day this was for a beautiful couple. ❤️

  2. Beautiful pictures for a beautiful couple!! Now that’s love!

  3. These pictures are fabulous! Capturing an outpouring of love, from the bride and groom as well as the Kelly and Adams families. What an honor it was for both Gary and I to witness and celebrate a beautiful ceremony of your marriage. Enjoy each day Colleen and John….. God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving 😀
    ~ Maryann & Gary

  4. These beautiful pictures capture it all. A beautiful beginning for a great couple.

  5. The pictures are fabulous. What a handsome couple. John and Colleen, you both look so happy together and so in love. It was the best wedding I ever attended. Love you guys, Patty

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