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Christopher, Nicholas and Alexis

Posted in Families, Portraits

It’s time for the Hahn’s annual family photo session!  I have been photographing this family since Erin and Chris’ wedding seven years ago.  And now have the privilege of watching their two adorable (and hilarious) boys grow and change.  This year Christopher’s friend (and future wife), Alexis, joined the photo session.  Love this girl!  She is the perfect combination of silly and mature-for-her-age.


  1. omg so cute! love the one of christopher and lex. the background couldn’t have been better. can’t wait to see the rest! thank you jessica. you really are the best! love erin

  2. i can’t stop looking at these pictures! they are so cute! nicholas the little bugger could have at least attempted a smile! love the pix with his “wait one min.” expression!

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