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Cathy and Jordan Married

Posted in Weddings

Cathy and Jordan were married at Heritage Presbyterian Church in Warrenton VA, its the church they grew up in and where they met.  The photo Cathy was most excited about was getting on the swing just outside the church in her wedding dress.  She is perfectly goofy and is constantly making Jordan smile.  After the ceremony they hopped into the old Chevy Nova (such a cool car!) and headed to Warrenton’s beautiful Molon Lave Vineyard.  Instead of giving you are list of vendors who helped make this day possible, as there are no formal “vendors”, I would just like to thank all the friends, family, community that orchestrated this event so beautifully.  Your presence was felt in every detail and action.  Also, a special thanks to the Oman family for continuing to recommend us, it was great to see you guys again!

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