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catherine and mike married

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Catherine and Mike were married during prime pumpkin picking season.  This would not have been so prevalent if we were traveling into DC for the wedding, but driving through central New Jersey we encountered a lot of traffic and excited children in mini vans.  We finally arrived and Catherine’s bridesmaids worked fast tying up the gown as we waited for the limo.  We then met Mike and the rest of the family at a friend’s gorgeous house for the first meet and formal photos.  Latos and I found it very hard to leave this beautiful location, but were delighted with an outdoor ceremony at Basking Ridge Country Club at sunset where a golf ball decided to join the wedding party.  Luckily the ball wasn’t successful in impaling anyone and made a great souvenir!  Jess went to RIT with Catherine’s sister, Christine, a very talented photographer, but besides that we had never met the bride and groom or their families.  But 10 minutes with them and you feel like part of the family.  The party was a blast!  Kudos to Catherine of Somerset Hills Florist for the beautiful decor and Anthony St. James Orchestras for keeping them all on the dance floor!

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  1. You guys ARE amazing!!! Honestly, hands down, the best wedding photography ever. It helps that my sister is so pretty too ;0)

    P.S. thanks for the should out to my website!

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