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Brendan’s Bar Mitzvah

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We were at Temple Beth Ami again for Brendan’s Bar Mitzvah formal photos where we fell in love with this family.  Brendan’s bothers, Max and Benny, are the comedians of the family.  They helped us make Brendan smile on the Bimah by speaking in British accents and making funny faces.  A few days later Latos met them at Bretton Woods for the hockey themed party where Anton from Electra Entertainment was ready to get the party started.  Ruth, Brendan’s mom, did an amazing job with the planning and decorating down to the personalized cupcakes which had the face of each guest in uniform sticking out of the frosting.  We knew Brendan was an awesome kid, but it was confirmed when numerous of his close friends stood up and gave speeches exclaiming what a good friend he is.

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  1. You guys rock!!! I cannot believe some of the awesome things you caught!

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