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Benny’s Bar Mitzvah

Posted in Bar/Bat Mitzvah

With their quick wit and dry humor this awesome family captured our hearts a few years back and we were so happy to be able to photograph them again at son #2, Benny’s Bar Mitzvah. The photos ahead of time were taken at Temple Beth Ami where Max the youngest kept Benny and the rest with real smiles. The next day was the ceremony and the party at Bretton Woods. As you will see below the party was Lego themed, amazingly Lego themed! The guests were greeted by a light up Taj Mahal, a huge Lego face of Benny and Lego men, women and characters as escort cards. Each table had it’s own theme from the Sydney Opera House to Star Wars and my favorite, Harry Potter, which I hear the oldest Brendan helped put them all together. Electra Entertainment was great and helped the guests rock the night away!


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