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Ben and Christina Married

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Bainbridge Island was the last stop on our journey through the Northwest.  Phil and I arrived at Ben’s mom’s house a day before Ben and Christina’s wedding to join the other travelers on the island staying in tents and rv’s.  I couldn’t believe that it had been four years since I’d seen Ben and spent three unforgettable weeks in Redwoods National Park with him and fellow film maker Benj.  Of course it was as if no time had past and even though I’d never met his wife-to-be, Christina, with our first hug I felt I had known her all my life.  It was this type of positive, trans formative energy that carried through the next three days.  All of their friends and family helped with the wedding in some way.  The flowers came from Ben’s mom’s gardens and made into bouquets, sand was collected from the beach to fill the mason jars, and all of the food was prepared on the giant grill or in the kitchen.  Most of Christina’s family is in Germany, while some were able to make it, most were not, so they used Skype so they could have a front row seat!  There was so much love and affection it was hard for us to say goodbye the next day.  But we left with great memories, new friends and peace in our hearts.

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  1. The photography is absolutely phenomenal!

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