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Ashley + Sean Married

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Ashley and Sean’s wedding had some firsts for us… first wedding we’ve shot in West Virginia, first time we’ve had a bride hug her guests on her way up the isle, first time we’ve seen moonshine on the tables, etc. There was a sign by the escort cards that read, “You can find your seat here, but your place is on the dance floor.” Ashley meant every word in that sign and if you weren’t on the dance floor she made it happen. At this event there were tears but not without laughter, sparkly details, a wicked sense of humor, sweet dance moves, and a mash potato bar to end the night. If we could bottle the energy from this wedding and share it, we’d make the whole world happy!

hair/makeup- Toni Exquisite Hair
the dress- Enzoani
officiant- Kerry Lilly

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  1. awesome

  2. As the oldest sister to a fantastic brother, these photos were so excellent. Photos express more than words could ever.

  3. Love all the pics Wish I was there and I love all the first, how beautiful you look can’t wait to see all the pics well done

  4. just beautiful!! well done, ladies. well done, Ash!!

  5. Wow !!! Fabulous pictures ! So beautiful and fun.I’m so happy for you two ! Ashley you are so cool and Fabulous !!!

  6. I’ve never seen more beautiful (and fun!) wedding pictures!

  7. Beautiful and makes me happy to see the love/happiness that pours from each one. Have a blessed and beautiful day and future together ahead.

    From your SC connection.

  8. These are incredible! I am beyond obsessed with some of these!! Beautiful job.

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