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Alyssa’s Bat Mitzvah

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Alyssa had her Bat Mitzvah during a blizzard, but we all rallied and made it happen (except for the party, which will happen at a later date). The Woodside Deli was there to deliver the food and Temple Beth Ami was open just for the occasion.  Alyssa was in great spirits as always, and joking with her brother, sister and cousins.  The whole family is so full of life and we adore them.  The Katon’s own HOCOA, a home repair network, that we have had the privilege of using.  Whether there is water leaking into your apartment or you just need some sound advice while laughing, the Katon’s are always there for us.  We can’t wait for the party!









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  1. Hey,
    I love them and the commments! I really am excited and I really am excited for tyhe party! See you there and I hope to see you before them to!!

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