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Aly and Bryan

Posted in Weddings

My good friend and fellow photographer, Erin, got in touch with me when her sister Aly started planning her wedding.  Latos and I traveled up to Chambersburg, PA for Aly and Bryan’s wedding.  The day started off a little rocky, with things not going as planned, but all of the drama melted away and was replaced with happy tears when Aly opened a gift from Bryan just before the ceremony.  After the ceremony we went to Aly’s parent’s house for some fun photos with the wedding party.  And then off to the Chambersburg Country Club for a lively reception.


  1. I’m trying to not cry at work. I love the photos you posted! Good times…Thanks again for being there for me that day.
    Much Love!

  2. The photos are beautiful! Great work!

  3. Beautiful pictures.

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