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Allyson + Perry Married

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Sometimes all you want is to be with someone that makes you laugh and Allyson and Perry are surrounded! The pair were married at the Gaithersburg Marriott in the Washingtonian Center under a beautiful chuppah and an isle lined with cherry blossoms. The soft elegant details were the perfect opposite to the fun, lively crew. A few details that stand out… the first look with an emotional audience, the non traditional father/daughter dance, and the amazingly talented band, Spectrum.

Hair: Elie Ephrem
Wedding Dress: Casablanca
Veil: Farzan Mahouti
Wedding Shoes: Kate Spade
Rings: Elan, Inc.
Wedding Invitations: Sincerely Yours

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  1. So many great pictures! It’s like being at the wedding all over again!

  2. Beautiful capture of a joyous life event

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