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Abby and Haile Married

Posted in Weddings

Here they are! Abigail Carmela and Haile “Smilles” are married! The morning of the wedding I walked in to the hotel room where Abby was getting ready and my favorite makeup artist Jody was there doing her hair and makeup. Not only do I LOVE Abby but I LOVE Jody so it was a awesome start of the day for me. I have seen all types of shoes that brides choose to get married in but Abby’s choice was a first for me and in my mind brilliant! Abby choose silver ballroom dancing shoes! Comfortable but “very fine” at the same time. I also consider Abby a connoisseur of Coach and was not surprised to see her beautiful new purse for the day. When we got to the church I found the boys in the back room playing poker ::typical:: and Haile was just winning the hand when I walked in.  The ceremony went with out a glitch and we were off to the party. If there is one thing that I would say about Haile it is that he loves to dance! Oh and I feel compelled to add that he LOVES Whitney Houston too. The night was a blast. Thank you Abby and Haile for throwing such a good party! I cannot be happier for the two of you!



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