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Taylor and Dan Engaged

Posted in Engagements

We met Taylor and Dan (and Trooper) at beautiful Hillsborough Vineyards in Purcellville, VA for their engagement session.  Below you can find a reenactment of the pair’s actually proposal.  Just before Dan proposed he asked an employee to take a photograph of the two of them.  He then got down on one knee and Taylor yelled “stop it! shut up!” with tears of excitement as the employee snapped photos.  Taylor says there is only one photo they actually share with people for the others are a bit sloppy.  Well we don’t know what she looks like when she cries, but this girl is gorgeous!  And has more energy then Jess and I together.  Dan compliments her perfectly with his calm but humorous demeanor.  And then there is Trooper who really makes them a family.  We also have to give a shout out to Taylor’s friend, Rachel, who was prop holder, dog watcher, art director and wine pourer.  Rachel you rock!

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