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Ligeia and Matt Married at Capitol View at 400

Posted in Weddings

A super moon and an AMAZING bride and groom! My last wedding of 2016 was pretty epic. Here are about 100 of my favorite images (maybe more).

planner & lounge vignette rental- Enlighten Events

venue- Capitol View at 400

bar- DC Wine Guy

caterer & bar tending- MIC Events

dj- Chris Styles Elan Artists

florist- Willow Oak

lighting- DMV Lighting

officiate- Thoughtful Weddings

rentals- linens DC Rentals

transportation- Sunnys

latos_lm_001 latos_lm_002 latos_lm_003 latos_lm_004 latos_lm_005 latos_lm_006 latos_lm_007 latos_lm_008 latos_lm_009 latos_lm_010 latos_lm_011 latos_lm_012 latos_lm_013 latos_lm_014 latos_lm_015 latos_lm_016 latos_lm_017 latos_lm_018 latos_lm_019 latos_lm_020 latos_lm_021 latos_lm_022 latos_lm_023 latos_lm_024 latos_lm_025 latos_lm_026 latos_lm_027 latos_lm_028 latos_lm_029 latos_lm_030 latos_lm_031 latos_lm_032 latos_lm_033 latos_lm_034 latos_lm_035 latos_lm_036 latos_lm_037 latos_lm_038 latos_lm_039 latos_lm_040 latos_lm_041 latos_lm_042 latos_lm_043 latos_lm_044 latos_lm_045 latos_lm_046 latos_lm_047 latos_lm_048 latos_lm_049 latos_lm_050 latos_lm_051 latos_lm_052 latos_lm_053 latos_lm_054 latos_lm_055 latos_lm_056 latos_lm_057 latos_lm_058 latos_lm_059 latos_lm_060 latos_lm_061 latos_lm_062 latos_lm_063 latos_lm_064 latos_lm_065 latos_lm_066 latos_lm_067 latos_lm_068 latos_lm_069 latos_lm_070 latos_lm_071 latos_lm_072 latos_lm_073 latos_lm_074 latos_lm_075 latos_lm_076 latos_lm_077 latos_lm_078 latos_lm_079 latos_lm_080 latos_lm_081 latos_lm_082 latos_lm_083 latos_lm_084 latos_lm_085 latos_lm_086 latos_lm_087 latos_lm_088 latos_lm_089 latos_lm_090 latos_lm_091 latos_lm_092 latos_lm_093 latos_lm_094


  1. These are the best photographs of a wedding I’ve ever seen!!!

    • So many wonderful shots.
      They brought family and friends closer.

  2. Merveilleuses et émouvantes!!!

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